Impact testing | BSI

Ribcap has been tested under Regulation 12, Law 4, Designation: IBR/REG12/Iss1/2005
Standard Performance Specification for Specific items of players’ Clothing

The headgear is mounted on the test headform so that the headform can be oriented in different positions and dropped onto a flat impact surface. The acceleration and time history of the impact are recorded using a triaxial accelerometer and appropriate instrumentation. Peak acceleration and time duration data obtained

Impact Locations

The headgear must have zones of coverage that cover the crown, temple, forehead (sweatband area) and ear areas. The zones of coverage shall fulfil the requirements of the impact performance specification.

Retention System test

The headgear is mounted on the test headform and the retention system is adjusted so the headgear is securely positioned. The guide assembly is attached to the chin strap of the headgear. The mass falling through 300mm to the guide assembly anvil exerts a dynamic force under which the strap fails. If the strap fails under the static load, it will be deemed ‘failed’. If the strap fails when additionally subjected to the dynamic load it will be deemed ‘passed’. If the strap does not fail under both static and dynamic load it will be deemed ‘failed’.

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