What is a Medical Helmet & Do You Need One?

A Guide to Medical Helmets

ribcap medical helmet

Medical helmets are required for copious health conditions, many of which result in symptoms such as weak muscles or muscle wasting, spasms, seizures and poor balance which all can potentially lead to a fatal fall.

There are numerous medical terms for a helmet such as a seizure helmet, epilepsy helmet, autism helmet and protective helmet, however, they are the same product with the same concept of protecting a person's head from a brain injury.

It is unclear why we use a vast amount of terms other than to steer a customer to the additional information and support surrounding their condition. For example, if you search epilepsy helmet, you will find medical helmet websites that also include support and information about the condition to additionally support their customer.

Common Health Conditions That Require a Helmet

  • -Epilepsy
  • -Cerebral Palsy
  • -Muscular Dystrophy
  • -Parkinson’s Disease
  • -Autism

When Would You Need a Medical Helmet?

The answer differs from person to person as each case is unique. A medical professional will need to determine a person's risk of an injurious fall.

For example, if a seizure patient observes an increase in seizure activity they may be required to wear head protection when out in public to reduce the chances of hurting themselves. Compare this to a Parkinson’s disease patient who has ‘round the clock’ care due to the occasional fall, they may not require a helmet.
If you are unsure whether you or a loved one should purchase a medical helmet, we recommend consulting with your doctor first.

What is a Medical Helmet?
A medical helmet is a specially designed hat made with strong and durable materials to withstand several falls. They are generally lightweight with some offering face and neck protection for those who fall regularly. These days they are less scary looking as science developed materials that are strong yet flexible reducing the need for numerous layers of different materials that make a helmet appear bulky.

Can All Ages Wear a Medical Helmet?
In general, medical helmets are all designed the same and are used on all ages from young to old with the exception of toddler and baby helmets. This is due to their delicate skulls needing specialist molding and several adjustments as the babies grow.

Baby Helmet Art - We love this idea of painting baby helmets to look less like a helmet and to provide a personal touch to these babies.

Child, Teen & Adult Helmets - Helmets That Look Like Regular Hats!

ribcap medical helmet

A medical helmet that looks like a regular beanie hat!

  • Made using only premium quality materials 
  • Are highly fashionable.
  • Our unique soft foam is high shock-absorbing while feeling light and airy.
  • Provide 360 protection without being bulky or stigmatizing
  • They are lightweight, breathable, flexible and discrete for all-day comfort.
  • It’s 100% washable, foldable and storable. 
  • Did we mention that they are a great addition to any look! 


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