Stay Safe From Covid-19

Ribcap Supporting Our Customers Through This Difficult Time


With the recent escalation of cases over the past few weeks, concerns are raised for those who have pre-existing medical conditions.


During this difficult time, we want to inform our friends that although our country may be on lockdown, Ribcap remains open for business as usual. We can accept orders as normal, deliveries will continue to be on time and we have plentiful stock all ready to go, when and wherever you need it. 


Here at Ribcap, we are sending our thoughts to those affected by covid-19 from isolation issues to arranging food shortages and wish all of your family and friends remain safe during these unfortunate circumstances. 


To offer our further help, we have compiled a list of support networks, general advice, coping methods and ways that you can work with your local community in order to remain safe. 


If You Need Help, Ask!

Social media has never been so useful.  Your local group chats are there to ask/offer support wherever needed. Whether you're a stay at home mother, elderly couple or your condition means it is too risky to leave your home, your local community group chat (on Facebook) can offer help to get what you need from the safety of your own home. 


Team Up!

Family and friends are more important now than ever. You can create family group chats on WhatsApp to arrange daily phone calls during isolation, arrange food deliveries and pick-up prescriptions. Should some of your family members remain working such as medical workers, work out a plan to reduce their stress by preparing food shopping, meal prep, and a darkroom should they need to sleep any time of the day. 


If you are the one that needs protection, they round up your family troops to get the things that you require to remain safe. 


Take Care of Neighbors

If you have a protection plan organized and feel confident that you and your family are safe, then why not offer a helping hand to an elderly neighbor who could need some help? By writing your name, number, and list what you are capable of helping them with such as dog walking, food shopping or just a friendly phone call. 


Doctor/Hospital Appointments

As with many, underlying health conditions require regular trips to your doctor or local hospital. If you are unsure how safe your local hospital is to visit, you can get in touch with your doctor to ask for advice or contact the coronavirus helpline (which will differ in each country). 


Set Hygiene Rules

For very high risk patients, you can arrange hygiene rules for those entering your home to reduce any risk of contact. Those who arrange your food deliveries and prescriptions for you, whether they are family and friends can be asked to take extra care of themselves. Ensure those people are A) not working with the general public (as they have a higher chance of catching the virus) B) they wash their hands, remove coats, bags, and phones before entering your room to limit any chances of you coming into contact with the virus, and C) they isolate the best that they can to reduce themselves from becoming in contact with covid-19. 


A final note: Now is the time to work together as a community to keep each other safe. Following your government's advice by staying indoors, keeping your mind and body as healthy as possible by eating well and communicating with others regularly, we hope that we can beat this together. 


Wishing all our customers remain safe,