Ribcap Protective Helmets For Dravet Seizures

Complete Safety Assured With Ribcap's Protective Helmets

Dravet Syndrome Alliance is an association to support the parents of children who suffer with the condition. This severe drug-resistant form of epilepsy is usually associated with additional disorders such as behavioral disorders, language delay and/or developmental delay.

Children with this condition are likely to be prone to regular seizure activity and with any fall, there is a risk of head trauma.

Dravet Seizure Helmet


Ribcap's Impact Testing

As any fall could be fatal, we understand the importance of head protection. Not only are Ribcap's helmets highly fashionable but they are also provide 360 protection and vigourously tested according to the International Rugby Impact standards which is why they are trusted by several neuro associations.

A fall may not be preventable, however, a protective helmet can eliminate the worry for head trauma.

All Day Comfort

We are proud to say that our protective helmets are light and breathable thanks to our unique foam padding that makes our helmets look and feel like an every day hat for all day comfort and wear.

Completey Safety Assured For Dravet Syndrome Conditions

  • Premium quality fashionable helmets
  • Unique high-impact foam padding
  • Is light and breathable for all day wear
  • Comfortable to sleep in
  • Highly fashionable, non stigmatizing designs


"As parents, we seek to best protect our children without being stigmatized." Quote from a concerned mother


"Ribcap products fully meet our needs. These products are functional, protect our children and in the street, the schoolyard, no one can distinguish the Ribcap cap from a classic cap. "

Quote from Anne-Sophie Hallet


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Anne-Sophie HALLET
Présidente d'Alliance Syndrome de Dravet - Maladie Rare - Epilepsie Sévère
Vice-Présidente d'EPI IDF - Association qui œuvre pour la création de places pour les adultes épileptiques

Co-présidente EFAPPE - Fédération Epilepsie Rare et Sévère