How to choose the best face mask?

Protect Yourself From Covid-19

Many countries are now advising individuals to wear a protective face mask in public places with the CDC recommending multiple layered fabrics as a substitution of a non-medical mask to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Should I Make My Own?

Many people are choosing to make their own using regular cloth from old clothing. As pretty as they look, they offer very little to no protection both against spreading the virus and inhailing it. You can do a simple test by spraying an areasol - link here (not in English) through a handmade mask, you'll see that the particles can been seen to penetrate through the mask.

Which Mask Should I Buy?

When choosing a face mask, you should can take note of the following:

  • Multiple layer masks for optimal protection.
  • High GSM materials.
  • Multiuse masks that are easy to sanitise.
  • Full width face mask to fit snugly around the mouth.
  • A mask that is trusted by health professionals.

Introducing Ribcap Two Layer Reusable Face Masks

Following this guidance, we have created a two-layer mask that is reusable and machine washable. It's inner layer is made from tightly constructed 100% cotton for complete comfort, and an outer layer with micro polyester providing good basic filtration.

Why Choose Ribcap Reusable Face Masks?

  • Trusted by several pharmacies in EU.
  • Available in three sizes to fit all ages.
  • Micro Polyester outer liner to protect your mouth and face from airborne particles including dust, cold, pollen, fog, and more.
  • 100% woven cotton inner liner, a high GSM material that is tightly constructed to provide better filtration. 
  • Easy to sanitise for continuous use.
  • Easy to put on and take off for user safety.
  • Easily washable for reuse. 


To learn why pharmacies are choosing to sell Ribcap's Two Layer Masks click here or to see our full range you can visit our store page here.