How Ribcap Helped This Little Boy With Doose Syndrome

The Story of a Wonderful 3yr old With Doose Syndrome Seizures

Meet Nicholas, a 3 year old boy who was rushed into an ambulance from his kindergarten in April 2019. His parents were in shock when they received a call from the hospital explaining that he had experienced a seizure. Patiently they had to wait to find out what had happened to their son while the doctors ran tests to see what had caused the seizure. After 2 weeks of more seizures, Nicholas was diagnosed with Doose syndrome, a condition that left him in the hospital for 11 weeks. 

After 7 additional weeks, Nicholas was also diagnosed with Klinefelter.

Originally, there was no explanation for his epilepsy, and later they discovered that it only started due to Klinefelter, which made him the 3rd case of its kind to be documented in the world.

Doose Syndrome Helmet

Due to the numerous types of seizures, Nicholas has a higher probability of dropping to the floor (also known as drop attacks) at any given moment, and so, his mom searched for a solution to protect her sons head from a fall, and that's where she found Ribcap, a soft helmet for toddlers.

After choosing the perfect style for her son, Alina contacted us to let us know how her and Nicholas were getting on, here's what they said:

"Now, even if we won't be able to control seizures, we can feel safe and taken care of by Ribcap.
Safe & trendy."

"Now we are a part of the Ribcap family. I am so happy he is safe. And it doesn't look like a medical device. It's safe, tested and trendy."

We thank Alina for her kind words and are happy that we helped Nicholas to feel safe while wearing his Ribcap and we are even happier to learn that he likes the style.

Overview of Doose Syndrome

Also called Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy is an condition that effects children between the ages of 1-5 years old. It is a seizure disorder which causes uncontrollable seizures that leads to abrupt loss of muscle control, resulting in unexpected falls anytime, anywhere. This type of seizure originates from all parts of the brain making it difficult to treat with medication, and it is suggested that while the seizures cannot be controlled, precautions can be taken to protect the child's head.

To learn more about this disorder, check out the link below:

Introducing Ribcap

Happy children wearing Ribcap soft protective helmets

Ribcap's premium quality helmets are made with a unique soft foam padding that is light and breathable for all-day wear. A medical helmet that provides 360 protection for complete safety and backed by several neuro associations.

With over ten years of experience supporting those with neurological conditions without compromising on style, Ribcap's medical helmets are designed with everyone in mind to ensure complete safety for all. 

Speaking of safety, check out the link to view our impact test!

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