Ribcap Protective Helmets for Muscular Dystrophy

How Carmela Felt After Receiving Her First Ribcap

Meet Carmela, a very happy, bright and funny little girl with a zest for life. A life that is usually filled with fun and joy apart from her daily struggles with L-CMD (muscular dystrophy). This condition is a part of a group of genetic conditions called congenital muscular dystrophies that cause weak muscle tone (hypotonia) and muscle wasting (atrophy) beginning very early in life.


Carmela's Life WIth L-CMD (muscular dystrophy)

Carmela enjoys life in the fast lane such as whizzing down the hills on the back of mummy’s bike, enjoying lots of fast funfair rides, and being as active as possible everyday. She's a highly sociable child that is always smiling. Pretty much anything excites her.

But there are days she gets upset because she can’t keep up with her friends or she is fed up of falling over. This is where Ribcap helped to provide safety support so that Carmela can continue to enjoy playing her favorite games without causing a serious head injury.

We checked on Carmela to see how she's doing and she's loving her Ribcap protective helmet as it gives her a sense of independence during her fun days!

Stay strong Carmela and we're happy to help...

An Overview of L-CMD

L-CMD is a rare congenital muscular dystrophy that primarily affects the persons muscles causing weakened muscle tone or muscle wasting early on in life. Some children and infants who are diagnosed with L-CMD may suffer with spinal issues such as an abnormal curvature or spinal rigidity that can restrict movement in the hips and legs. In other cases L-CMD can cause trouble with eating and breathing due to prolonged muscle weakness.

How Protective Head Gear Can Provide Safety From Head Injuries

As with most young children, fun is a way of life and an illness doesn't stop or dictate how much fun they can or cannot have as long as they are in safe environment and safely protected from serious injuries such as head trauma due to a fall.

Ribcap aim to provide exactly that, a highly fashionable, non-stigmatizing protective helmet so that little ones can roam and be free as all kids should be, but with the highest quality of protection should they unexpectedly fall.

Impact Testing

Ribcap protective helmets have been safety assured by several neuro associations and have been vigorously tested according to the International Rugby Impact Standards, and that's not all. Our Ribcap's are made with a premium-quality high-impact foam that is light and breathable for all day comfort. A helmet that can also be slept in or worn everyday!

Did we mention they are super on trend? Check out our styles today!