Robin Shares Her Thoughts About Wearing Ribcap's Protective Helmets

Ribcap are Delighted to Have Helped Robin Stay Safe AND to Look Super Cool!

Here's Robin's story about her experience wearing her very first Ribcap

"My name is Robin Audette, I am a 37-year-old wife and mother of a beautiful daughter who has Angelman Syndrome."

Robin Audette | Angelman Syndrome | Seizure helmet

"Two years ago I suffered my first seizure, it was a tonic-clonic (gran Mal) and I hoped it would be the only one but it wasn't. I would have four more all spread out, no pattern. Three concussions from some serious head trauma, two were very bad. I started wearing a bulky helmet out of fear and I realized that it wasn't practical or comfortable in my life. I work in a restaurant and I am a special needs mom at home, I needed to be safe."

"When my friend and I found out about Ribcap I was so excited and hopeful. Right away we ordered two of the Lenny style. I live in Canada so I thought they would be perfect for winter. I was right! I love my Ribcaps so much! I wore them round the clock and I felt safe and comfortable! People didn't realize that I was wearing protective headgear! Fits great, looks great and six months later they are still in perfect condition! I recently purchased two of the ball cap style for summer and I already love them too! The ball cap is lightweight and so comfortable, I wear it all day and night"

Robin Audette | Seizure Helmet | Angelman Syndrome

"They look just like a regular ball cap! I am extremely impressed and satisfied with this product! Both versions that I have are stylish, safe and comfortable. I do not enjoy having epilepsy but I am so grateful to have found Ribcap! Thank you very much for creating these wonderful items, they are much needed! Well done!

Sincerely Robin Audette"

Ribcap is very appreciative for the kind words and we're over the moon that we could help you to find a protective helmet that is stylish, safe and comfortable.

If you loved Robin's story and you are looking for a protective helmet, then here's a little information about us and what we do.

Meet Ribcap

A company that prides itself in helping to tackle various neurological conditions without compromising on individual style. We simply enjoy enhancing the quality of lives from infants to elderly providing 360 protection thanks to our unique high-shock absorbing foam that is also light and breathable for all-day wear.

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